Divisions : Physical Plant

Service Desk

Mission Statement
Our service-oriented team is dedicated to providing you, our customers with quality service and a
pleasant physical environment at the University of Miami Miller School Campus.

About Us
Physical Plant Customer Service is the communication center for our Facilities Team, and is the primary
Point of contact for service and maintenance requests a the Medical Campus. We are available Monday
Through Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00PM and can be reached at 305-243-6375. Evenings and Weekends at
305-243-6375, a standby crew is available to assist your needs.

For Facilities Related Emergencies:
Please contact Customer Service desk at 305-243-6375 for immediate attention.

Examples of Facilities related emergencies, but not limited to:
• Flooding
• Leaks (Windows, A/C, ceiling, etc.)
• Elevator Malfunction
• Power Outages
• Spills in public spaces (liquids, broken glass, etc.)