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Surplus Property and Storage

At this time we are open for sales by appointment only. Two people at a time will be allowed to enter the warehouse and a mask must be worn at all times.

See below for general information, location/address, hours of operation, etc…

General Information

The University of Miami Surplus Property Department handles all requests for transfers and disposals of University owned property. The department services all University of Miami Campuses and Satellites.

Want to learn more about UM’s Surplus Property Department…check out our quick (1) minute YouTube video!!!

Location & Contact Information:

University of Miami – Medical Campus
Viciana Building
1636 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL. 33136
Main Office: 305.243.1464
E-Mail Address: SurplusProperty@miami.edu

Hours of Operation:

Open to the general public:
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00am – 4:00pm
Note: Credit Cards Only, No Cash or Checks Accepted

UM Departmental Purchases:
Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 4:00pm
Fridays – 8:00am – 3:00pm

To view available inventory, please CLICK HERE


Procedures for University Departments needing to send Equipment, Furniture, Computers, etc…to the University Surplus Property Warehouse.

IMPORTANT: Please note that requests will NOT be fulfilled without accurate and complete documentation.

1. Departments must determine if their request contains any “data storage devices”. Typically Computers/Laptops/PC’s fall under this category since they have hard drives. If the request contains a “data storage device” items then the University’s “E-Waste Surplus Property Transfer Form” must be completed. Click hyperlink E-Waste Surplus Property Transfer Form and follow instructions below. If the request does not contain any “data storage devices”, departments should click the hyperlink Surplus Property Transfer Form and follow instructions below.

2. Once the form is completed, visit our online web request site at CLICK HERE and be sure to upload/attach your completed “E-Waste Surplus Property Transfer Form” or “Surplus Property Transfer Form” upon submittal.

3. The requestor should receive a request number once step 2 is completed.

4. The Surplus Property Department will review the request submitted and coordinate with the requestor to schedule a pickup date and time.


Sending items to Storage

1. Departments wishing to send items to the University’s Warehouse for storing purposes should click hyperlink Request for Storage Form to complete the University’s “Request for Storage” form.

2. Once the form is completed, please e-mail the form to SurplusProperty@miami.edu.

3. The form will be reviewed and once approved the requester will be sent an e-mail confirmation with a “Work Order” number.

4. Requester will then be contacted via e-mail or phone by Surplus Property & Warehouse staff to confirm the date & time of pickup.

Retrieving items from Storage

1. “Authorized Department User(s)” wishing to retrieve items from Storage should send an e-mail request to SurplusProperty@miami.edu (no form required). The e-mail request should detail a description of the items needed and the exact delivery point/location.

2. Upon receipt of the e-mail request, Surplus Property & Warehouse staff will create a “Work Order” number of which the requester will receive as well (via e-mail).

3. Requester will then be contacted via e-mail or phone by Surplus Property & Warehouse staff to confirm the date & time of delivery.

Surplus Property Staff
Eddie Gomez
Email: EGomez5@miami.edu